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1. What is the role of the Waukesha Landmarks Commission?
2. What is a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA)
3. How do I get my project approved by the Landmarks Commission?
4. When does the Landmarks Commission Meet?
5. How can I find out more about my Landmarked property of the Historic District where my property is located?
6. What projects need approval from the Landmarks Commission?
7. Do I need Landmarks Commission Approval for interior work on my historic home?
8. Do I need a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) to make ordinary repairs?
9. I want to enlarge my building. May I consult with the Landmarks Commission or a staff member about my proposal before I file an application?
10. What material and information should I include with my Landmarks Commission application form?
11. Does the Landmarks Commission offer any financial assistance?
12. What happens after I file my application?
13. When the Commission reviews an application for a Certificate of Appropriateness, what factors does it consider?
14. What happens at the Landmarks Commission meeting?
15. Does the Landmarks Commission offer any financial assistance
16. Will the Building Inspection Division issue a permit before the Landmarks Commission has approved my application?
17. I plan to make a series of similar changes to the facade of my building over the next few years. Can I apply for a permit for all of the work at one time?
18. Does the Landmarks Commission restrict the height of proposed buildings in historic districts?
19. My project conforms to zoning regulations regarding height and bulk. Does that mean that the Landmarks Commission must approve my application?