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Fox River Parkway North


  1. (G) Greenways
  2. (N) Neighborhood Park
  3. Basketball
  4. Open Play Field
  5. Picnic Shelters
  6. Playground
  7. Trails

Additional Details

  • (N) Neighborhood Park
  • (G) Greenways 
  • 68.06 acres
  • Park contains acreage in more than one classification
This park is located along the east bank of the Fox River, bounded on the north by
Sunset Drive, on the east by Fox River Parkway Drive and on the south and the west by the corporate limits of Highway 59. The primary environmental corridor on the west side of the Fox River is preserved in conjunction with Waukesha County.

At the present time, a significant area is natural with development at the north end of the park. Included in the development are a park shelter, basketball court, playground equipment, open play field. A canoe launch and a small parking lot are located just north of Highway 59. A segment of the Fox River Recreation Trail winds through mature oaks and hickories as it passes from Sunset Drive to the Highway 59 trail underpass. Numerous trees are located in the park, which lends itself to picnicking. In addition, a majority of the parkway is shown as a wetland on the Wisconsin Wetland Inventory Map.


No identified improvements at this time.