Drop-Off Center

News and Notes

1) Please see document outlining current policies for the Drop-Off Center in regard to the COVID-19 pandemic:  Drop-Off Center COVID-19 Policies

2) The Waukesha County HAZARDOUS WASTE drop off has reopened.  They will be in Waukesha the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month at 900 Sentry Dr.  (NOTE: separate entrance next to the Drop-Off Center).  Visit www.waukeshacounty.gov/hazardouswaste for more information and to learn about new COVID-19 related policies.

3) Saturday, October 3rd, we will host a TVs/Electronics/Appliances event.  See this flyer for more information: TVs/E-Waste/Appliances Event Flyer (PDF)

4) We are Now Hiring at the Drop-Off Center.  If you are looking for a challenging part-time job and have high energy and strong attention to detail, we’d be happy to talk to about working with us.  See this link for information on how to apply: https://wi-waukesha.civicplus.com/1598/Waukesha-Employment-Openings

*****A message about reducing waste during these challenging and stressful times*****

Despite the incredible circumstances in our community, country and worldwide, it is still within our control to minimize the amount of extra waste generated and discarded.  Extra garbage does not have to be automatic even in the current circumstances.

Indeed it is still possible - and perhaps more important than ever - to practice good waste habits and not generate unnecessary waste.  Waste comes with a high cost - both financially and environmentally for all of us.

We can still Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in these times (in that order).  Waste reduction has always been a matter of mindfulness and intentional action to consume and discard of materials sustainably.

This is important for our community.  Thank you for being mindful of your unnecessary extra waste at this time (and always).

Overview shot

Welcome to the Drop-Off Center...don't call it "the dump"!

This center is for City of Waukesha residents, not all of Waukesha County, except for some recyclable items.  See below.

Items Accepted

We do not take everything at the Drop-Off Center.  There are 3 categories of items accepted:
  • Recyclables
  • Yard materials
  • Landfill trash from City of Waukesha home projects (no weekly garbage!)

Residency Rules

  • The center is for City of Waukesha residents (not the "county dump").
  • Only City of Waukesha residents may dispose of yard material or accepted landfill trash materials (and these materials must come from within the City of Waukesha).
  • Any Waukesha County resident may dispose of recyclables at the site (cardboard, paper, bottles, cans, scrap metal, used oil/antifreeze, cooking oil).


  • Cash and Check are only forms of payment accepted.
  • Exact payment is strongly encouraged, per COVID-19 policies.

Household Hazardous Waste Information (Waukesha County Program)

The Hazardous Waste drop-off is a Waukesha County program, not a city program.  This is different than the normal Drop-Off Center.

The City of Waukesha hosts Hazardous Waste typically twice a month.  Veolia Environmental Services comes into the City of Waukesha to do the collection. 

The location of this collection is NEXT to the normal Drop-Off Center - it is a different entrance.  They set up in the garage in the back of the old incinerator.  Residents should NOT enter the normal Drop-Off Center to access hazardous waste.  There is a separate entrance about 100 yards south at the old incinerator building.

Any city or county resident may bring household hazardous waste materials to this collection at no cost.

Examples of household hazardous waste include: chemicals, oil based paint, oil based stain, fluorescent bulbs, lawn fertilizers, pesticides and more.

For information regarding the schedule, the complete list of items accepted, and general questions, please click here for the Waukesha County Household Hazardous Waste website.