Yard Material Disposal

leaves on the terrace

The City of Waukesha Department of Public Works conducts 3 pickup services throughout the year:

Yard Material Banned From Landfills

Note that yard material is banned from the landfill by state law and city ordinance. This means yard materials may not be placed into your trash or recycling carts for garbage or recycling disposal.

The only exception to this are harmful invasive species (such as garlic mustard) which may be placed in the trash.

Environmentally Sustainable Alternatives

The City encourages all residents to do home composting and mulching of leaves and yard waste at home. This is a great solution for yard waste (and also food scraps to keep them out of the trash)!

Learn more about sustainable alternatives:

Drop-Off Center

City of Waukesha residents are also allowed to bring certain yard materials to the Drop-Off Center during open public hours throughout the year. Fees apply.

Waukesha Drop-Off Center
750 Sentry Drive
Waukesha, WI 53188