Rules of the Road

For the safety and convenience of everyone, please observe the following rules when riding Waukesha Metro Transit. Enjoy your ride on Waukesha Metro Transit!

  • Wear proper clothing, shirt and shoes are required.
  • Take a seat, if available, and remain seated while the bus is in motion.
  • Give your seat to persons, who because of age or physical condition, are less able to stand than you are.
  • Remove infants from strollers.
  • Keep strollers or carts out of the aisle.
  • Have fare ready before you board.
Do Not
  • Eat or drink on the bus.
  • Smoke or chew tobacco.
  • Play a radio, tape, or CD player loud enough for others to hear it.
  • Use loud or offensive language.
  • Put your hands out the windows or throw anything out the window.
  • Bring animals on the bus, except service animals assisting persons with disabilities.