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Cell Phone Use in Locker Room

All cell phone usage is prohibited in locker rooms with the exception of an emergency.

Code of Conduct/Participant Guidelines

Equal Access

No participant shall, on the basis of race, sex, creed, national origin or disability, be denied equal access to programs, activities, services or benefits, or be limited in the exercise of any right, privilege, advantage, or opportunity.


Participants are expected to exhibit appropriate behavior at all times. The following guidelines have been developed to make recreation department programs safe and enjoyable for all participants. Additional rules may be developed for particular programs and athletic leagues as deemed necessary by staff and/or PRF Board.

Participants Shall

  • Show respect to all participants and staff any form of harassment will not be tolerated
  • Refrain from using foul language
  • Refrain from causing bodily harm to other participants or staff
  • Show respect for equipment, supplies and facilities


A positive approach will be used. WPRF reserves the right to dismiss a participant. Each situation will be evaluated on its own merit.

Credit/Refund Policy

  • A program that does not meet its minimum registration requirements will be cancelled within 2 working days prior to its beginning. You will be notified accordingly by phone and/or email. Any fees paid will automatically be credited to the payee's account unless otherwise notified by payee.
  • A credit will be given unconditionally when requested in writing within 5 business days of program completion. You may email your request.
  • If a refund is desired, please notify the office by written request. You will receive a full refund for the full program fee as a credit on the payee's account. If a check/credit card credit refund is desired, please notify the office on your written request and note that a $10 service charge will apply. This fee may be waived due to medical reasons. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for the refund to be processed.
  • Refunds under $10 will automatically be credited to payee's account and may be used towards future registrations.
  • Partial class credits/refunds may be given on a case by case basis due to medical reasons.
  • If the payee and participant are not the same and a refund for the program is desired to go to the participant, please inform us of the desire in writing.
  • The credit will be available for use up to 2 years of date of issue as permitted by law.
  • For Adult Sports credit/refund policy please refer to Policies of Adult Sports 3.08.
  • Pool passes, daily admissions and Splash Cash are not refundable.
  • Class supplies are not refundable.