Detours & Service Changes

Service Changes

The following service changes will take effect on Monday, October 15th:

Route 5/6 Sundays - The 3:50 pm Trip leaving the Transit Center will serve Sentry Drive, Progress Ave and Prairie Ave. (St. Vincent de Paul Store)

Route 9 All Outbound Trips (From the Transit Center to WCTC) will operate west on Northview Rd., north on Grandview Blvd, and west on Woodburn Rd.   

Route 6 - The two morning trips to West High School will no longer have a layover at West causing a minor change in the time the Route 6 leaves West High for the Transit Center for these morning trips.     

Route 15- The trips that serve East Ave, Roberta Ave. and Tenny Ave. (South HIgh Loop) will no longer layover on Tenny at Sunset instead will layover at Meijer.  This change will cause a minor change in the time that the bus leaves the Tenny at Sunset stop for the trips Route 15 operates the South High Loop.  

Below are the new schedules for each of the affected Routes.  Paper schedules are also available at the Transit Center.   

Route 5 (5/6)  Effective October 15, 2018

Route 6  Effective October 15, 2018

Route 9 Effective October 15, 2018

Route 15 Effective October 15, 2018