Detours & Service Changes

UPDATE Main St. Project 11/21/18
Main St. is now open, however, East Ave remains closed.   The following detours remain in effect:

Route 2 Main St. July REVISED 5th, 2018

Route 3 & 4 Main St. Inbound REVISED July 5th, 2018

Other detours in effect:
The Route 9 detour is cancelled effective Monday, December 17th.  Please note that due the change to the Route 9 effective October 15th, all outbound routes continue to operate on Grandview Blvd to Woodburn Rd. as that is the permanent routing.  Inbound routing (to the Transit Center)  operate on Pebble Valley Rd. south of Woodburn and Northview west of Grandview except for the weekday afternoon trips noted in the schedule.  

Service Changes

Waukesha County Transit 
The following service changes take effect on Wednesday, January 2nd to Waukesha County Routes 901 & 905:

1. Route 901 Trips E8, E10, W6, W7 and W13 and Route 905 OW1 are being eliminated.
2. Route 901 Trips E1, E11 and W2  will operate 5 minutes earlier than currently scheduled.  
3. Route 905 Trip OW6 will add a stop at Brookfield Square.
5. Route 901 W8 will add service from UWM at 12:05 pm.   

Below are the new Route 901 & 905 schedules effective January 2, 2019

Route 901 1/2/19

Route 904/905 1/2/19

Waukesha Metro Transit 
The following service changes take effect on Monday, January 7th to Waukesha Metro Routes 1, 2, 3, 5/6, 6, 9 & 16:

  1. Elimination of Route 16
  2. Elimination of the Route 6 5:45 pm Weekday Outbound Trip (From the Transit Center to Badger Drive)
  3. Elimination of the Route 5/6 8:24 pm Inbound & 8:50 pm Outbound Saturday Trips  
  4. Elimination of the Route 2 8:18 pm Saturday Inbound Trip (From Target to the Transit Center)
  5. Elimination of the Route 1 service to the Brookfield Highlands Apartments in the Town of Brookfield. 
  6. Route 6 will have a minor adjustment to the first afternoon trip leaving West High School and there also will be minor adjustments to the Route 9 weekday early morning schedule at WCTC.  

Below are the new schedules effective January 7, 2019

Route 1  1-7-19

Route 2 1-7-19

Route 3 1-7-19

Route 5 1-7-19 (Route 5/6 Schedule Change)

Route 6 1-7-19

Route 9 1-7-19