Detours & Service Changes

 COVID-19 Update

Fares & Front Door Entry

Fares and front door entry have resumed on Waukesha Metro and Metrolift. Passengers will need to have the proper fare in order to ride.   After paying the fare, passengers can use the touchless sanitizer mounted inside the bus.  Waukesha Metro Transit urges all passengers to review “As we return to collecting fares” flyer

 The Transit Center Lobby is open  on
 weekdays 6 am - 9 pm and scheduled hours on weekends Saturdays 8:15 am to 9 pm and Sundays 9:15 am to 7 pm.  Passengers must maintain their social distance while at the Transit Center.    

A maximum of 15 passengers on the bus at one time effective August 21st.    

Lost and found will be limited to essential personal items.

Unlimited riding will remain prohibited. 

Per the Governor's order all passengers are required to wear a face covering/mask when riding the bus or at the Transit Center. 

Thank you for continuing to riding Waukesha Metro Transit!  

Waukesha County Commuter Service Trip Suspensions

Routes 901 and 905 have the following trips suspended from service until further notice:

E3, E4, E7, W2, W3, W4, W6, W9, W10, OE3, OE6 and OW4

In addition trip OE5 starts at the Nagawaukee Park and Ride at Hwy 83 and I-94 and trips E5 and OE4 now operate to the UW-Milwaukee Campus. There are no changes the Route 904. 

Current ridership levels have remained extremely low and suspension of selected trips is necessary.      Waukesha County Transit will continue to monitor ridership and demand for service and make further adjustments as needed.   Given the fluid nature of the COVID pandemic, the timing of restoring suspended trips is unknown.  

Below are the new Temporary Schedules for Route 901 and 904/905 Effective August 17th

Temporary Route 901 Effective August 17, 2020

Temporary Routes 904-905 Effective August 17, 2020


Barstow Construction is complete.   All detours are cancelled.  

Service Changes

Minor Route 7 & 7/8 Service Changes Effective   September 8th                              

Effective September 8th, the Route 7 and 7/8 operating inbound (towards the Transit Center) will operate from the Waukesha Memorial Hospital (Hospital) grounds west on Lawndale Ave. then north on Fairview Ave.  to Madison St. and will no longer use Fairmont Ave.   

Also effective September 8th, the Hospital is expected to complete its construction and Route 7 and 7/8 will operate onto the Hospital grounds and will only do so on the inbound direction (towards the Transit Center) for all trips.  In addition, the bus stop will be moved to the parking structure side of the Hospital grounds and passengers will board and depart at that location. 

Please see the new schedules effective September 8th below:

Route 7 Effective September 8, 2020  

Route 8 Effective September 8, 2020

Also available is the new Transit Guide with all service changes to Waukesha Metro and Waukesha County Transit since January 2019.

Transit Guide Effective Fall 2020