Personal Care Attendants

Persons who might need extra help while traveling on Metrolift can have their personal care attendant (PCA) certified to travel with them. The PCA will ride for free on Metrolift, but only when traveling with the certified rider. Riders should make Metrolift aware that they intend to use a PCA when they are applying for Metrolift service. Obtaining a PCA is the rider's responsibility. Metrolift does not provide PCAs.

Passengers requiring a PCA must indicate that the PCA will accompany the rider on the requested trip when the reservation is made. This will help us ensure that we have space available on the bus for the PCA to ride.

Visitor Policy

Persons visiting the Waukesha County area who can show an "ADA Paratransit Eligible" identification card issued by another transit system, OR who can provide proof of disability, or who can self-certify as to inability to ride Waukesha Metro Transit or contract fixed-route service, may use Waukesha Metrolift or Transit Express ADA complementary paratransit service for 21 days within a 365 day period. After 21 days of service within the 365 day period, the visitor must be certified by Waukesha Metro Transit to use complementary paratransit service offered by Waukesha Metrolift or Transit Express.

Guest Policy

Metrolift riders may bring guests along with them on their trip. The guest must pay a fare to ride. If you are bringing a guest with you, be sure to inform Metrolift of this when making your trip reservation.

No Show/Late Cancellation Policy

A no-show occurs when the Metrolift paratransit vehicle arrives at your pickup location within the 20 minute window, waits the required 5 minutes and you do not board the vehicle. A late cancellation occurs when the scheduled trip is canceled less than 30 minutes prior to the scheduled pick up time. Late cancellations will be considered and treated as no-shows.

When a rider is a no-show for one trip, all subsequent trips on that day remain on the schedule unless the rider specifically cancels the trips. To avoid multiple no-shows on the same day, riders are strongly encouraged to cancel any subsequent trips they no longer need that day.

Definition: No-Shows Due to Operator Error or to Circumstances Beyond a Rider’s Control are not considered as a no-show and are not counted against the passenger.

Please see below for more details:

Waukesha Metro Transit – Metrolift, does not count as no-shows [or late cancellations] any missed trips due to our error, such as:

  • Trips placed on the schedule in error
  • Pickups scheduled at the wrong pickup location
  • Drivers arriving and departing before the pickup window begins
  • Drivers arriving late (after the end of the pickup window)
  • Drivers arriving within the pickup window, but departing without waiting the required [5] minutes

Waukesha Metro Transit – Metrolift, does not count as no-shows [or late cancellations] situations beyond a rider’s control that prevent the rider from notifying us that the trip cannot be taken, such as:

  • Medical emergency
  • Family emergency
  • Sudden illness or change in condition
  • Appointment that runs unexpectedly late without sufficient notice

Riders should contact the Metrolift operations center when experiencing no-shows [or late cancellations] due to circumstances beyond their control.

Three (3) no-shows within any 30 day period may result in the following sanctions being imposed if the frequency of no-shows is greater than 10% of the reserved trips:

Once Metrolift Staff have investigated the circumstances relating to no-shows, the following Notification Procedure will take place:

  • 1st No-show: Letter stating date of no-show and a copy of the no-show policy
  • 2nd No-show: Letter stating date of no-show and a copy of the no-show policy
  • 3rd No-show: Letter stating date of no-show, a copy of the no-show policy, imposition of a suspension if applicable and a copy of the Metrolift appeals process.

The first offense of an imposed suspension shall be for seven (7) days.
Subsequent violations result in the following suspensions:

  • Second violation: 10-day suspension
  • Third violation: 15-day suspension
  • Fourth violation: 20-day suspension
  • Fifth and subsequent violations: 25-day suspension

Any person suspended from service has the right to appeal the decision. ADA service may continue during the appeals process.

Any individual may, in lieu of the X-day suspension, have the option of paying the full cost of the no-showed trips. The per trip costs will be based on Waukesha Metro Transit’s most recent annual financial data and will include fully allocated costs (not just the fare).

Metrolift Appeals Process Policy

An individual suspended from using the Metrolift service for any reason, including violation of the no-show policy, may elect to file a written appeal for reinstatement of service. The process for appeal is outlined below.

Appeal procedure:

  • The rider or the rider’s designee has 60 calendar days from the date of notification of service suspension to appeal the decision to suspend service.
  • The rider or the rider’s designee must file a written appeal, to be addressed to the Compliance Specialist, Waukesha Metro Transit, 2311 Badger Drive, Waukesha WI 53188. The written request must provide the name, address and phone number of the rider filing the appeal, as well as the reasons that they believe their service should not have been suspended, or other facts pertaining to the suspension that they wish to have considered.
  • The Compliance Specialist will provide a decision in writing not more than 10 days after receipt of the written appeal. A copy of the written decision will be sent to the mailing address provided by the individual making the appeal.
  • An individual objecting to the written decision of the Compliance Specialist may file a follow up written appeal within 60 calendar days of receipt of the Compliance Specialist’s decision. The second written appeal shall be for a request to appear in person before the Waukesha Transit Commission Board* and must include the facts that they wish to have the Board consider. This request must be made in writing to the Compliance Specialist of Waukesha Metro Transit, 2311 Badger Drive, Waukesha WI 53188. Decisions by the Waukesha Transit Commission Board are final.

Anyone who files a written appeal may have their service reinstated pending the outcome of the appeal. If the suspension is upheld following the appeal, the suspension will recommence immediately.

*Such appeals will be subject to open meeting statutes unless prior permission for a closed hearing is obtained. An individual wishing to appear at a closed hearing must include this request as part of their written request for a second appeal. Such requests are subject to review by the City of Waukesha Attorney’s office.