Natural Burial

Prairie Home offers natural burial as an alternative to traditional burial. Both full size natural burial and burial of cremated remains are allowed in the prairie.For pricing go to the 2017 Price list tab. 

Overview of Natural Burial

Natural burial, or green burial, is the interment of an unembalmed body in an earthen grave. It is a burial practice that has been used for millennia and has seen added interest since the 1990s. Natural burial is dignified, eco-friendly, and minimizes the carbon footprint.

Prairie Home Cemetery has a Section (12) devoted to Natural Burial in a Prairie setting.

It is not unusual to see wildlife in the prairie. The prairie is a magnet for birds of all kinds and butterflies. In the summer you will notice bird watchers, walkers and people who sit and reflect in this beautiful area.

Please visit but do not remove any seeds or flowers, it is strictly prohibited.
prairie pictures 2013
Body Preparation
With natural burial, there normally is no traditional embalming, and the body is wrapped in a burial shroud that is then interred. It may also be placed, either shrouded or unshrouded in a fully biodegradable casket. However with green friendly embalming techniques, families may opt to have a service followed by burial.
Caskets often times used are of a wicker, sea grass, or wood (or similar solid material) construction, with no metal. No burial vault is used (concrete or other nondegradable permanent device).
Committal Area
The new committal area has a dual purpose:
  • To serve as a place where families and clergy can hold funeral services
  • To serve as a place where memorialization of those buried will occur 
Cenotaphs (large monuments) will be located within this area and hold the names of those individuals that are buried in the prairie.

More Information
For more information please contact our office at 262-524-3540. Convenient preplanning packages are available. If your group or organization has an interest in a Natural Burial Presentation please email us.