If you need to transfer to a different route to complete your trip, you may ask the Waukesha Metro Transit operator for a transfer when you board your 1st bus. The transfer is good for 90 minutes from the time it was issued. Only riders paying their fare with cash or with a Ride Card need to request a transfer. Pass riders do not need to request a transfer because their passes allow them unlimited rides. The Metro Transfer is good on all routes operated by Waukesha Metro.

Interline Transfers

Wisconsin Coach Lines: 262-542-8861

  • To Wisconsin Coach Lines (WCL) Routes 901, 904, or 905: Interline transfers are available from your Waukesha Metro operator. These transfers will allow you to transfer to a WCL bus for $2 off the applicable WCL fare
  • From Wisconsin Coach Lines Routes 901, 904, and 905: Waukesha Metro will accept WCL transfers at any bus stop for no additional fare. Waukesha Metro Transit transfers can be purchased by passengers boarding with a WCL transfer for $0.50

Milwaukee County Transit System: 414-344-6711

  • To Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) Gold Line: Your transfer or pass will allow you to board MCTS buses and ride for no additional fare.
  • From Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) Gold Line: Waukesha Metro will allow riders with a valid MCTS M Cards to board Waukesha Metro and ride Route 1 for no additional fare. A Waukesha Metro transfer can be purchased for $0.50. This MCTS transfer policy is valid at Brookfield Square and Executive Drive.
Metro Buses