Autumn Garden

Prairie Home's newest addition, Autumn Garden was completed in summer of 2002 and will be the final resting place for over 1,000 individuals.


Unlike the other earth-tone colored buildings, its alluring Blue Pearl granite was chosen to offer a refreshing change to the crypt and niche fronts. Other distinctive features include a:

  • 32-foot bell tower with carillon
  • Cascading water feature

These have been featured in newspapers across the state.


Autumn Garden offers a variety of crypt options.

Above-ground crypt

Single Crypts

Single crypts on any level may be purchased

True Companion Crypts

  • Autumn Garden offers True Companion crypts where 2 deceased occupy the same crypt.
  • For cremated remains, each niche holds 2 urns. Full names and years of birth and death are inscribed.
  • Currently Prairie Home Cemetery has a sale on selected True Companion Crypts.
Autumn Garden Niche


  • Side-by-Side crypts are 2 single crypts side by side, that share a door.
  • Side-by-Side niches have a large opening that accommodates larger urns. Prairie Home is in process of adding new side-by-side niches in prime locations in Autumn Garden.
  • Prairie Home Cemetery has several side by side door crypts available for sale


Couch crypts are available in single or companion units. Caskets are placed in lengthwise and the door of the couch crypt covers this large area. There is ample room for artistic design on the crypt front.

More Information

For more information please contact our office. Several payment plans are available.