Above-Ground Crypts


We offer different types of crypts, including:

  • Single crypts
  • True companion crypts in either of the following styles:
    • Couch-style crypts that hold 2 caskets sideways.
    • Side-by-side crypts sharing one door

Available Crypts

Above-ground crypt


We believe that a person should have the opportunity to make a selection by choice rather than price. In contrast to a ground burial, where an outer burial container (vault) and a grave marker need to be purchased, above-ground burials are simplified because the mausoleum crypt has a built-in protective concrete casing, and the crypt door doubles as a grave marker.

History of Crypts

Crypts, or above-ground burial, date back to before the days of Christ. At one time, the advantages of mausoleum entombment were available only to the wealthy. Today, the same opportunities are available to all.