Route 1 Sunday Inbound

Sunday Service Brookfield Square to Downtown

Note: Effective January 6, 2020, the routing for Route 1 on Sundays will include portions of Route 2. Please refer to the map on the Route 1 schedule for details.

Brookfield SquareGoerkes CornersTargetWestbrookWoodman'sDowntown Transit Center
10:05 a.m.10:17 a.m.10:22 a.m.10:27 a.m.10:36 a.m.10:45 a.m.
10:35 a.m.10:47 a.m.10:52 a.m.10:57 a.m.11:06 a.m.11:15 a.m.
11:05 a.m.11:17 a.m.11:22 a.m.11:27 a.m.11:36 a.m.11:45 a.m.
11:35 a.m.11:47 a.m.11:52 a.m.11:57 a.m.12:06 p.m.12:15 p.m.
12:05 p.m.12:17 p.m.12:22 p.m.12:27 p.m.12:36 p.m.12:45 p.m.
12:35 p.m.12:47 p.m.12:52 p.m.12:57 p.m.1:06 p.m.1:15 p.m.
1:05 p.m.1:17 p.m.1:22 p.m.1:27 p.m.1:36 p.m.1:45 p.m.
1:35 p.m.1:47 p.m.1:52 p.m.1:57 p.m.2:06 p.m.2:15 p.m.
2:05 p.m.2:17 p.m.2:22 p.m.2:27 p.m.2:36 p.m.2:45 p.m.
2:35 p.m.2:47 p.m.2:52 p.m.2:57 p.m.3:06 p.m.3:15 p.m.
3:05 p.m.3:17 p.m.3:22 p.m.3:27 p.m.3:36 p.m.3:45 p.m.
3:35 p.m.3:47 p.m.3:52 p.m.3:57 p.m.4:06 p.m.4:15 p.m.
4:05 p.m.4:17 p.m.4:22 p.m.4:27 p.m.4:36 p.m.4:45 p.m.
4:35 p.m.4:47 p.m.4:52 p.m.4:57 p.m.5:06 p.m.5:15 p.m.
5:05 p.m.5:17 p.m.5:22 p.m.5:27 p.m.5:36 p.m.5:45 p.m.
5:35 p.m.5:47 p.m.5:52 p.m.5:57 p.m.6:06 p.m.6:15 p.m.
6:05 p.m.6:17 p.m.6:22 p.m.6:27 p.m.6:36 p.m.6:45 p.m.
6:35 p.m.6:47 p.m.6:52 p.m.6:57 p.m.7:06 p.m.7:15 p.m.