Non-Resident Surcharge

A resident is any person who lives or owns property within the City limits of Waukesha. A non-resident is anyone who does not live or own property within the corporate limits of the City of Waukesha. Even though a mailing address is Waukesha, this does not necessarily mean you are a City Resident. (In general does not contribute to the City of Waukesha property taxes).

Non-residents must pay an additional $50 per facility rental as established by the Parks, Recreation and Forestry Board.

Alcohol Permit

Person must be 18+ years of age to rent facilities and 21+ years of age to obtain an alcohol permit. Every effort is made to have facilities clean. If there are any problems, please call the emergency contact number listed on the permit.

Inflatables Permit

Inflatables are no longer permitted in our parks.