Formal Gardens

 "How fair is a garden amid the trials and passions of existence."
~Benjamin Disraeli

Urban Gem

Welcome to Waukesha's Historical Urban "Gem". There was a special moment in Waukesha on October 25, 1939. That day, at the front of the sunken garden, a plaque baring the inscription: "Dedicated to the Memory of Andrew J. and Emma R. Frame, Generous Donors of Frame Park 1928," was unveiled. Thirty-five acres of land including the 2 acres for our Formal Garden had been donated to the City of Waukesha park system. Over the years, the garden has had minor changes from the original design. Some of the original rose beds have been converted to less labor intensive annual flower beds. A more notable change was the removal of a water feature known as "the fish pond" which was located along the pergola in the sunken garden area. One can locate the fish head water spouts still intact on the limestone wall. Our Formal Garden consists of 18 ever-changing annual flower beds, 6 colorful perennial areas and eleven fragrant rose beds. With 100s of tulips and daffodils, 1,000s of flowering annual plants, and over 150 roses in bloom and countless perennials engaging your senses, visitors will certainly appreciate the beauty of nature.

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