Required Local Permits

Digital Copy
All plans submitted to our department require an additional digital copy. See our Digital Requirements page for more information.

State Approved Plans
Prior to obtaining a permit, you may need to have plans that are State Approved if you are constructing or altering a commercial building.

Permit Applications

Activities Not Requiring a Permit
  • Erecting a fence
  • Installing a driveway (the approach and public sidewalk need permits issued by Public Works; contact them at 262-524-3600)
  • Installing an at-grade patio
  • Installing sidewalks on private property
  • Landscaping
  • Reroofing a home or duplex (even though a permit is not required for roofing, a maximum of 2 layers is allowed per City of Waukesha Code)
Homeowner Liability
Please Note: A homeowner intending to do their own work, and apply for a permit in their name should keep in mind that by doing so, they are assuming full liability for code compliance.

More Information
Please call the Building Inspection Division at 262-524-3530 with any questions.