Certified Survey Map

Certified survey maps may be used to subdivide lands in the following zoning districts, subject to the specified limitations: 
  • In Commercial, Industrial and Mixed-Use. Commercial, industrial and mixed-use zoning districts, if the division will result in eight (8) or fewer lots and/or outlots.
  •  In all Other Zoning Districts. Zoning districts other than commercial, industrial or mixed-use, if the division will result in four (4) or fewer lots and/or outlots. 
Plan Commission Agenda
The Plan Commission reviews and recommends approval or denial of certified survey maps (CSMs) to the Common Council. To get on a Plan Commission agenda you must file an application along with 11 copies of the map and the fee of $150 plus $50 per lot to the Community Development department.

After Submittal Review
After reviewing your submittal, an agenda will be mailed to the address that was put on the application, alerting the applicant of the date and time of the next meeting. Attendance is recommended should the Commission have any questions regarding your submittal.