Municipal Parking Ramp (South Street Ramp)


  • The cost of monthly parking at the Municipal Ramp is $30. Monthly permits for the ramp can only be purchased at the ramp office. A reserved monthly permit can be purchased for $40 per month.
  • Daily parking is by Credit Card ONLY at the exit
  • The cost for daily parking (24-hour limit) is $3.
  • The first 2 hours are free to park at the ramp. (beginning Dec. 10,2018) Parking Flyer


Payments are due on or before the first of the month. Cash, check, Visa and Master Card accepted.

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Card Keys

  • Card keys are the property of the Municipal Ramp, and must be returned upon cancellation of service.
  • Card keys do not guarantee parking, it is only for convenience.
  • The City reserves the right to refuse the use of the monthly card key due to nonpayment or misuse.


There is a $5 initial deposit on your card key. The $5 will be refunded when you return your card, provided the card is in good condition so it can be reissued. It cannot be cracked, chipped, warped or have any foreign substance attached to it. Do not expose your card to extreme hot or cold weather conditions.

Restricting Access

The City reserves the right to restrict access to, or close the ramp due to maintenance, special events, or other circumstances which warrants restricted use or closure.

Vehicle Condition

Please be advised that all vehicles with or without permits must comply with Ordinance Chapter 12, Section 12.07 (PDF) of the Waukesha Municipal Code.

  • Vehicles must be in such a state of physical or mechanical condition as to be capable of propulsion upon streets or highways.
  • Any vehicle allowed to remain standing on City property for more than 72 hours is deemed abandoned.

Storage & Repair

The storage and repair of vehicles is not permitted in the ramp or on City lots.

Other Parking

If this ramp isn't for you, please check out our Surface Lots.