Citywide Basemaps

The maps listed on this page are currently available in PDF file format to view or for download. These maps will be periodically reloaded to reflect data updates and map changes.

Viewing Requirements & Size

Adobe Reader version 6.0 or higher is required to view these maps, which are in a large-scale format and are approximately 2 to 4 megabytes (MB) in size. As a result we recommend using a broadband connection when viewing these maps online.


  • Aldermanic Districts (PDF) - Identifies district numbers and shows the delineation of the Aldermanic District and Voting Ward boundaries.

    If you'd prefer to enter your address to find out which Aldermanic District and voting ward you are in, you could try our Voting Application instead.

  • Child Safety Zones (PDF) - Shows the boundaries of the City's Child Safety Zones

    Or you can try the City's Child Safety Zone mapping application. It uses the same data that is used in the pdf map above, but this application allows you to search for an address and more easily identify whether an individual property is in the Child Safety Zone or not.
  • Daily Garbage Pickup (PDF) - Shows the garbage pickup areas throughout the city by day of the week.

  • Hundred Block Address Map (PDF) - Street map showing various points of interest and the hundred-block address ranges along city streets

  • Recycling Route Map (PDF) - Shows the recycling zones, identifying the areas of the City and their alternate recycling pickup designations

  • Snow Plow Routes (PDF) - Snow plow routes and areas as driven by the city garage during winter snowfall events

  • Street Index Map (PDF) - Official city street map complete with landmarks and a quick locate street index

  • Truck Route Map (PDF) - Color-coded map showing the location of weight-restricted City streets

  • Zoning Map (PDF) - Color-coded map showing zoning, code designations, parcels, flood overlay, historic districts, and more