Snow & Ice Control Procedure

City Areas & Truck Assignment
The city is divided into 23 routes, downtown and the ramp. One truck is assigned to each route. One truck and driver is assigned to the emergency route (hospital) each week.

Priority Areas
When there is only up to 1 inch of snow, first consideration for ice control operations are:
  • Bus routes (must be maintained at all times; buses are in operation between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m. weekdays)
  • Hills
  • Intersections
  • Main streets
  • Railroad crossings
  • School areas
Secondary Consideration
Flat streets and cul de sacs would be given secondary consideration. Alleys will be done the following work day.

Downtown & Parking Lots
After all snow is removed from the streets, then the downtown snow removal can begin. The snow will be windrowed and loaded into trucks for disposal. Parking lots will be ordered by foreman.

Salting Operations
During an ice storm, all streets and alleys will be salted. Salt is primarily used. Flake calcium chloride may be added in extremely cold weather

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