Rights & Responsibilities

This information has been provided to save you time and trouble without jeopardizing your rights if you have received a citation.
  1. Appearing in Court
  2. Department of Transportation
  3. General Information
  4. Operating While Intoxicated
Court Appearance on Citation Date
If you appear in court on the date indicated on your citation you will be heard as to your plea only.

Where to Appear

Court is held at 201 Delafield Street, Waukesha, WI in the Council Chambers.

Signing In & Making Your Plea
There will be a sign-in sheet for you to print your name. When your name is called, you will be asked how you wish to plea. If it is your intent to enter a not guilty plea, please re-read the section on entering your plea by mail. This could save you time.

Guilty or No Contest Pleas
If you enter a plea of Guilty or No Contest, the Judge will hear information presented by the City Attorney and may ask you if you have anything to say. The judge will then impose appropriate sentence and forfeiture amounts. 

Not Guilty plea 
Write a letter to the Municipal court indicating you would like to enter a not guilty plea.  by entering a not guilty plea you are given an opportunity to have a private conference with the Assistant City Attorney, at a later date.  Do not appear in court on the date on the citation. A notice will be sent to you the following week indicating when you should appear for the pretrial conference. If you choose to appear in court and enter a not guilty plea, the matter will be scheduled for a pretrial conference at a later date, which means you have made an unnecessary trip. 
The court does not resolve cases by mail. If you want to talk to someone privately, you should enter a not guilty plea. In all likelihood, the matter will be resolved at a pretrial conference.


If you are unable to appear on the date on your citation, a 10-day adjournment may be granted. Please review the information under Court Appearance before requesting an adjournment.

Making an Adjournment Request
The request must be in writing and received by the court prior to the court date on your citation. The court will notify you by mail on when to return to enter your plea.