Community Policing Unit

Community Policing is an organization-wide philosophy and management approach that promotes:
  • Community engagement
  • Community, government and police partnerships
  • Proactive problem solving
Creating Community Partnerships for a Safe Future
The purpose of promoting these items is to address the causes of crime, fear of crime and other community issues.

Policing Officers

Having Community Policing Officers provides citizens a better opportunity to voice concerns and promotes creativity of the officers. It allows officers to work with residents and community workers to find new solutions to old problems.

Officers assigned to the Community Policing Unit are:
  • Police Day Shift:
    • Specialist B. Esser
    • Specialist D. Klein
  • Police Afternoon Shift:
    • Specialist J. Bousman
    • Specialist J. Trimborn
  • Criminal Investigation Division:
    • Specialist M. Enderle
    • Specialist B. Ernst
Waukesha Police Department received the 2003 Sir Robert Peel Award.