Specialty Units

The Police Department employees several special units to assist in specific assignments that call for additional training, or make the normal response of patrol units difficult.

Tactical Unit

The Tactical Unit consists of officers who are specially trained to perform high-risk operations that fall outside of the abilities of regular officers. The Unit's primary function is addressing special threat situations including serving high-risk search and arrest warrants, barricaded suspects, hostage rescue, counter-terrorism, and engaging heavily-armed criminals.

Members of the Tactical Unit

Deployable Technology Unit

The Deployable Technology Unit (DTECH) consists of officers who are specially trained in the use of department drones, cameras, video, and robots. The primary role of DTECH is to support the Tactical Unit. Other uses for DTECH include search and rescue, evidence collection, and scene reconstruction.

DTech Patch

Civil Disturbance Unit

The Civil Disturbance Unit consists of officers specially trained to respond to civil unrest. The Waukesha Police Department participates in a county wide unit that focuses on bringing unlawful and dangerous protests or events safely back under control.

Civil Disturbance Unit Patch