Patrol & Detective Divisions

Patrol Division
The Patrol Division is the largest and most visible portion of the Department providing 24-hour protection, 365 days a year.

The Patrol Division consists of the uniform officers, driving marked squad cars, who are the first to respond to citizen's calls for service.

The patrol division's duties include:
  • All types of alarms
  • Enforcing traffic laws
  • Investigating traffic accidents
  • Juvenile troubles
  • Other requests for assistance to maintain peace and order in the community
  • Public disturbances
  • Reports of criminal activity
Patrol officers prepare written reports of their observations to be used for documentation, criminal or municipal charges, or for follow up by the Detective Bureau.

Criminal Investigation Division
The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) has the primary responsibility of investigating criminal matters that occur in the City. Investigations can range from violent crime to minor offenses.

Supporting the Patrol Division
The Detective Bureau is also used to provide support to members of the Patrol Division when needed.

Specialized Units
Detectives receive specialized training in many fields to ensure proper investigation of all crimes.
  • The Sensitive Crimes Unit is charged with the specialized investigation of youth related crime. They receive specialized training in proper interviewing of juvenile victims.
  • The Warrant Division is also assigned to the Detective Bureau is the Warrant Division. They locate individuals whom have active warrants issued through any agency.
  • The Criminal Evidence and Forensic Unit have the responsibility of processing all evidence that is collected in any investigation as well as storing this evidence for court presentation. They also photograph and fingerprint all arrested individuals.