Information Technology

City Hall is currently closed to the public to prevent the spread of COVID-19. City Staff will be present during regular business hours in order to assist residents via phone or email.


The mission of the IT Department is to enable City departments to achieve their mission and accomplish their goals by delivering best-in-class customer service, reliable services, innovative solutions, and a superior end user experience.

We do this by focusing on:

1. The department’s mission: This helps us understand their priorities.
2. The end user (not ourselves): This puts priority and focus on the customer and not on            our own agenda.
3. The details: The small stuff matters.
4. Communication: Is of utmost importance if we are to be effective.

Guiding Principals

Communicate Transparently: Listen. Learn. Let people know.
Accountability: Take ownership of the responsibilities entrusted to you.
Respect: Recognize and appreciate one’s worth, abilities and differences.
Ethical Leadership: Be honest and ethical. Always.
Service: One team making the Waukesha experience better.