Is a Fire Service Career Right for You?

Today's firefighters are men and women who provide public safety services to the citizens of Waukesha.

Duties & Functions

Firefighters perform tasks which may include the following essential functions:
  • Respond to fire emergencies. 
  • Respond to emergency medical incidents, analyzing patient needs and administering advanced emergency medical assistance.
  • Operate all types of fire and rescue equipment, including:
    • Aerial ladder equipment
    • Emergency medical equipment
    • Fire extinguishers
    • Forcible entry tools
    • Hose lines with nozzles
  • Performing search and rescue of individuals in hazardous environments including:
    • Fire situations
    • Collapsed buildings
    • Automobile accidents
    • Hazardous materials spills
    • Confined spaces
  • Responding to a variety of general emergency rescue calls such as auto accidents, gas system leaks, and public assistance (assisting elderly and disabled individuals).
Firefighter Expectations
  • Firefighters report to a Fire Lieutenant who supervises and works alongside his or her Company.
  • Each Company works a 24-hour shift, with rotating days off.
  • Firefighters live at the fire station when they are on duty and spend their days:
    • Responding to emergency calls for service
    • Training
    • Participating in public relations assignments
    • Performing general station/grounds housekeeping/maintenance duties
Just as with family members, good communication skills are a must while working in these close quarters and are expected of all firefighters.