Public Education

Throughout the year, the City of Waukesha Firefighters stay busy providing station tours, lecturing on public education, and visiting schools.

Station Tours

During the station tours, children of all ages are welcome to take a firsthand look at a day in the life of a firefighter. Once they arrive, they are taken throughout the station to see the fire engines and ladder trucks, and are taught the importance of fire safety in their home. Children are welcome to tour any one of our stations.

School Visits
When firefighters are invited to schools, children may watch a video geared toward their specific age group. Then the firefighters teach the children about fire safety and what to do if there was a fire in their home. They are then encouraged to go home and practice a fire escape plan.

Special Equipment & Firefighters

Firefighters then put on their turnout gear and air pack to teach the children about the special equipment needed to enter into a fire. They are taught not to be scared and hide from firefighters.

Equipment & Apparatus

The tours usually are finished off with the children coming outside to get a firsthand look at a fire engine and ambulance. They are shown the various equipment that is necessary to fight a fire and are welcome to walk through each apparatus to see where the firefighters ride.

Scheduling an Appointment

If you have questions about Public Education Activities, please call the Fire Prevention Bureau at (262) 524-3648.
To schedule a Public Education Activity, please complete the Request Form.
Note: complete form, save it and email to Fire Prevention Bureau