City of Waukesha Code Book

The City of Waukesha is pleased to present the Waukesha Municipal Code book online.

Code Book Changes

Changes to the code book are made by elected officials. Changes take effect at Council Meetings, and these changes are later processed into a digital format that is displayed here.

Code Verification

Codes on the following pages may not represent the most recent codes; For verification that the codes within these pages are current, please contact your Alderman or call the Clerk's Office.

Chapter 1, Aldermanic Districts, Wards, and Polling Places

Chapter 2, City Administration

Chapter 3, Boards and Commissions

Chapter 4, Finance and Taxation

Chapter 5, Emergency Management Operations (Am. #46-03)

Chapter 6, Streets and Sidewalks

Chapter 7, Traffic

Chapter 8, Licenses and Permits

Chapter 9, Intoxicating Liquor and Fermented Malt Beverages

Chapter 10, Milk (Rep. #71-02)

Chapter 11, Orderly Conduct

Chapter 12, Public Nuisances

Chapter 13, Public Health and Welfare

Chapter 14, Fair Housing

Chapter 15, Boating and Water Sports

Chapter 16, Building

Chapter 17, Property Maintenance Code (Am. #40-09)

Chapter 18, Electrical

Chapter 19, Plumbing

Chapter 20, Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning

Chapter 21, Fire Prevention

Chapter 22, Zoning

Chapter 23, Subdivision and Platting

Chapter 24, Floodland Zoning  (Rep. #25-14)

Chapter 25, Construction and Effect of Ordinances

Chapter 26, Cable Television

Chapter 27, Signs and Outdoor Advertising

Chapter 28, Landmarks Commission

Chapter 29, Sanitary Sewer Use and Wastewater Treatment

Chapter 30, Police Alarm Systems

Chapter 31, Mass Transit

Chapter 32, Storm Water Management and Erosion Control

Chapter 33,  Animals