Registering to Vote

Please register for the election online: If you have further questions, contact the Clerk’s office at 262-524-3550.

Eligibility to Vote

To be eligible to vote you must:

  • Be a United States Citizen
  • Be age 18 or older by Election Day
  • Have resided at your current address at least 10 consecutive days before the Election
  • Have, if convicted of a felony, completed terms of sentence including probation/parole
  • Have not placed a bet or wager on the outcome of the Election
  • Have not been adjudicated incompetent to vote (only a judge can make such a ruling)

Proof of Residency (POR)

Wisconsin requires 28 days to establish residency at a new address. When registering, you must present Proof of Residence, a document showing your current name at your current address. You cannot register to vote at a post office box. Proof of Residence (POR) may be presented in either a paper or an electronic format (smart phone, tablet, or laptop). Valid forms of POR must include the voter's name and current address.

Acceptable Proof of Residence Documents include:

  • Utility bill issued within the last 90 days
  • Bank or credit card statement
  • Current and valid Wisconsin driver license or Wisconsin identification card
  • Paycheck
  • A government-issued document
  • Check issued by a unit of government
  • Real estate tax bill or receipt for the current year or the previous year
  • Residential lease effective on the day of registration (Cannot be used if registering to vote by mail).
  • College fee statement issued in the last nine months, accompanied by a Student ID card
  • Affidavit from a public or private social service agency, on letterhead, identifying an individual who is homeless and indicating where that individual resides.
  • Official identification card or license issued by a Wisconsin government body or unit
  • Identification card issued by an employer in the normal course of business, which has a photograph of the cardholder, but not a business card.

Register to Vote Online at My Vote Wisconsin

You may register to vote at the My Vote Wisconsin website if you have a valid, unexpired Wisconsin driver license or Wisconsin ID, and your address on file with the DMV matches the address at which you are registering to vote. If the DMV does not have your current address on file, update your address on the DMV Website before updating your voter registration at My Vote Wisconsin

Register to Vote In person at City Hall

Residents can register to vote at City Hall or online : If you have questions, contact the Clerk's office at 262-524-3550.

Register to Vote by Mail

Registration forms are available on the Wisconsin Elections Commission website. To register to vote by mail, download and print the voter application form and mail the form to the City Clerk's Office. The registration form must be postmarked at least 20 days before the election. You will need to include Proof of Residence with the form. You may also bring the completed form to the City Clerk's Office to complete the registration process in-person.

Military Voters

Members of the military are not required to register to vote, but must complete forms to vote absentee. Military and overseas voters may download their absentee ballots online. Learn more about how to vote absentee.

Overseas Voters

Voters who have moved overseas with no intent to return to live in the United States may continue voting for federal offices from their last Wisconsin address. These voters may register and request absentee ballots using the Federal Postcard Application. Voters who are permanently living overseas do not need to send proof of residence with their voter registration.

Homeless Voters

Homeless voters who do not have a traditional street address may register to vote using the map on the registration form to indicate a location they return to on a regular basis. They may use a letter from a social service agency (public or private) as proof of residence.

Felony Convictions

An individual convicted of a felony may register to vote after completing the terms of the felony sentence, including probation or parole.

Register to vote at the Polls on Election Day

You may register to vote at your polling place on Election Day.