Extension of Premise

A current alcohol licensee may apply for a temporary change in their premise description for specific promotions, events, or like reasons. The City of Waukesha has the discretion to approve or disapprove the change with any standard or special conditions necessary.

Application Deadline

The Extension of Premise Application (PDF) must be submitted to the Clerk's Office by the following schedule:

2021 Application Deadlines

Application & Area Requirements

Area proposed must be fenced. Applicant must attach a separate illustration or draw a diagram of physical layout to accompany application.


A fee of $40 per event must be paid when the application is submitted. If the event is held on multiple days for instance every Wednesday for a period of one month, the fee of $40 would need to be paid for every date. Seasonal fee of $300 is available for events that occur on set days and times of the week.

Committee Representation

The agent of the establishment or a designated representative must present the Operating Plan to the Ordinance and License Committee (O&L) and, if deemed appropriate, to the Buildings and Grounds Committee. It is the intent of the O&L Committee not to allow Extensions of Premise to public property without the express input an approval of the Building and Grounds Committee.

Block Parties

The O&L Committee does not consider an Extension of Premise a Block Party. The Committee defines a Block Party as an event intended for residential neighborhoods only.


The O&L Committee will examine all information and consider the following:

  • Impact on the neighborhood, including:
    • Comments from alderperson and neighbors
    • Hours of operation
    • Music
  • Past problems
  • Police concerns


Should you have additional questions, please call the Clerk Treasurer's Office at 262-524-3550.