Emergency Alerts

To receive Emergency Alerts for Weather or Missing persons please click on the below links and register for each.

AlertSense™ Weather and Emergency Alerts

Get Alerts to your Communication Device

  • Designate the geographical area you wish to be notified about by entering a zip code.
  • Choose what types of alerts you wish to receive.
  • Decide how you wish to receive the alerts.

Link to sign up for Alerts: AlertSense Weather & Emergency Alert Registration

A Child is Missing- CodeRED Alerts

A Child is Missing Alert Program assists law enforcement agencies in notifying communities about a missing child, elderly person, or disabled.  Through telephone alert notifications, the platform has the capacity to inform residents and businesses of a missing person in their area.  It uses digital mapping and satellite imagery to set a radius and send out alerts.  This is available 24/7, 365 days a year.  It is capable of placing 1,000 alerts calls in 60 seconds.  The alert notification will contain a detailed individually recorded message giving the description of the individual, their last known location, and the law enforcement agency information that is handling the case.

ACIM CodeRed Alert Brochure

ACIM Codred Logo

To register for CodeRed Alerts use this link: https://public.coderedweb.com/CNE/en-US/921AFAD61359