Special Services Division

The Special Services Division is responsible for specialized areas of law enforcement to include Crime Analysis, Dispatch Center, Parking Enforcement, School Resource Officers, and Traffic Reconstruction. The focus of the Special Services Division is to provide additional resources to the community and to department personnel for a more effective, efficient, intelligence-based approach to serving the community.

Crime Analyst

The primary purpose of the Crime Analyst is to support the operations of the Police Department. These functions include criminal investigations, apprehension, crime prevention, and reduction strategies. The Crime Analyst Specialist identifies patterns and gathers helpful data that can be used to help police better allocate their police officers, detectives, and other assets. Crime Analysts play a very important role in intelligence gathering.

Dispatch/Communications Center

The City of Waukesha Communications Center (Dispatch Center) is a stand-alone communications center dedicated to serving the citizens and community of Waukesha. This center handles all emergency and non-emergency calls that come into the center and dispatch Police, Fire, and EMS resources as appropriate.

The personnel working in the center are not only highly trained, but also knowledgeable about the businesses, community partners, and people that comprise the Community of the great City.

Parking Enforcement

Parking Enforcement issues citations to vehicles parked illegally, such as no parking zones, fire lane violations, double parking, disabled parking, loading-zone violations, expired time zones, expired parking meters, and night parking. In addition to this assisting with traffic flow, the information collected in this process is shared as needed for investigative leads.

School Resource Officers

The Waukesha Police Department partners with the School District of Waukesha to provide six full time School Resource Officers (SROs) assigned to each of the high schools and middle schools in the district. The SROs work closely with school administration, faculty, staff, students, and families to ensure a safe learning environment for all.

Waukesha SchoolOfficerPhone Number
North High SchoolSpecialist C. Coenen262-970-3535
South High SchoolSpecialist J. Tyndall262-970-3735
West High SchoolSpecialist J. Trimborn262-970-3935
Butler Middle SchoolSpecialist K. Paulson262-970-2924
Horning Middle SchoolSpecialist J. Wolbert262-970-3304
Les Paul Middle SchoolSpecialist J. Strandlie262-970-3313
School Resource Officer CoordinatorLieutenant Hoffmann262-524-3768

Traffic Specialist

The Traffic Specialist's main role is to increase vehicular traffic safety. This officer reviews all crashes and citations and looks for trends to address problem areas. The Specialist deploys the speed trailer and traffic counter to assist with gathering data for use in deployment strategies. The Traffic Specialist also responds to crashes and conducts directed traffic patrols. In addition, he works with other City Departments to address issues more effectively and efficiently.