Patrol Division

dayshift patrol and dispatch

The Patrol Division is the largest and most visible portion of the Department providing 24-hour protection, 365 days a year. The Patrol Division uses a number of different ways to provide service within the city. The most common is vehicular patrol. The division uses fully marked, semi-marked, and unmarked patrol vehicles in order to meet the different demands of its various duties. The division also emphasizes and encourages officers to utilize foot patrol as an effective means to deter and fight crime.

Patrol Division is responsible for responding to and stabilizing dangerous or violent situation as well as initiating the investigations of criminal cases. The Patrol Division is configured in a team structure and works together utilizing Intelligence Led Policing Strategies and are the pillars of the Public Safety through Professional and Effective Law Enforcement.


Community Service Officers

Community Service Officers (CSOs) are uniformed part-time non-sworn employees of the Waukesha Police Department. Their purpose is to provide police services for low priority calls which do not require response from an armed police officer with arrest powers.

Bicycle Unit

The Bicycle Unit is utilized during the fair-weather months to patrol parks, trails, at special functions or in circumstances where increased mobility and community engagement is desired.

2 officers of the Bicycle Unit