Buchner Tennis Court and Mindiola Sports Lighting

Project Update: September 11, 2020

Both Buchner Park and Mindiola Park are receiving new Sports Lighting.  The Sports Lighting is from Musco, the same company that currently lights Saratoga and Frame Parks.  The lighting will be LED and have the ability to be remotely managed.  Mindiola will receive four new poles with luminaires at the soccer field that is being upgraded this year.  Buchner is receiving new Sports Lights to replace the aging system that is currently lighting the tennis courts.


Currently this is a two-stage project.  Buchner Park will be completed first, then the Contractor will move onto Mindiola Park.  The Contractor may perform work at both Parks at the same time depending on the progress at Mindiola in regards to the new artificial-turf field.


This Project includes the following work:

  • Installing a new Musco Sports Lighting
  • Installing a new electric service at Mindiola Park
  • Removal of the existing Sports Lighting at Buchner Park


Work Completed this week

  • Old poles and luminaires cut up and disposed of.
  • Underground conduits bored in.


Anticipated work next week

  • Underground crew to continue placing pull boxes and prepping for wire.
  • Installation of new poles and luminaires to begin.


Future work

  • Installation of new poles and luminaires at Buchner Park.
  • Installation of wire and control cabinet.


If you have any questions please contact the project manager below.


Jeffrey Hernke

City of Waukesha – Department of Public Works – Engineering Division

130 Delafield Street, Waukesha, Wi.  53188

O: 262-524-3592

C: 262-336-5742