Harrison, Frame and Wabash Ave Street Improvements

Harrison Ave, Frame Ave, and W Wabash Ave Utility and Street Improvements (Scott Ave to the west)

Project Update: August 7, 2020


This project includes the following work:

  • Replacing the sanitary sewer and services in the right-of-way
  • Replacing the water main and services in the right-of-way
  • Replacement of any necessary curb and gutter and sidewalk
  • Replacement of the asphalt pavement
  • Restorations as necessary


This week’s work:

  • Replaced water main on W Wabash Ave
  • Began replacement of sanitary laterals on W Wabash Ave


Next week’s work:

  • Complete replacement of sanitary laterals on W Wabash Ave
  • Replace water services on W Wabash Ave


Streets with restricted access for the next week:

  • W Wabash Ave will be closed west of Scott Ave.  Efforts will be made to accommodate resident access to properties; however, at times access will be limited.  Residents may not be able to get to their properties and may be parking on adjacent streets.


Streets that will have No Access for the next week:

  • None


You may find additional construction information for this project and others at:  http://www.waukesha-wi.gov/1136/Current-Construction-Projects 


Please feel free to call or email with any questions or concerns.


Christopher Langemak, P.E.  

Project Engineer 

City of Waukesha

P: 262-524-3598

C: 262-349-6512