125th Anniversary Logo 

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Winning Logo!

We are proud to announce the winner of the City's 125th Anniversary logo contest is Sarah Sallmann, a City of Waukesha resident. The City engaged residents in the monthlong contest to create a logo reflecting the theme of the celebration "Looking Back – Reaching Forward." More than 1,600 votes were cast and Sallmann was chosen by the public for her design, winning the $100 prize.

"Congratulations to Sarah for doing a great job capturing elements of the City of Waukesha," said Shawn Reilly, Mayor of Waukesha. "We had some really innovative entries and appreciate the public taking the time to choose how we represent the City's 125th anniversary throughout 2021."

"As a lifelong resident of Waukesha, I'm excited to share my art with the community and help celebrate the 125th anniversary of this wonderful city," said Sallmann. Born and raised in the city of Waukesha, Sallmann attended school in Waukesha, graduated from WCTC, and is currently an art director.

Logo Elements

The logo artist, Sarah Sallman, included many representations of Waukesha in her winning logo. Read more about the elements included in the logo.

Guitar Town Statue

Guitar and murals throughout Downtown pay tribute to Waukesha twice being named a Gibson GuitarTown and also recognize the City as the birth and final resting place of Les Paul.

Clock Tower

Downtown landmark located at Waukesha State Bank

Soo Line Train

Soo Line #2645 was retired and donated to the city of Waukesha in 1952 and was displayed at Frame Park until 1972. It was then moved to the spot La Estacion is now. The City donated the train to the Mid-Continent Railway Museum in 1988-89 where it is still on display. Trains have always played a part in Waukesha.

Historic Courthouse

This Downtown Courthouse served as the original courthouse and jail. It now is home to the Waukesha County Historical Society and Museum, has apartments as an event venue.


This dragonfly was installed in Frame Park in 1955. It is located in the river and can be viewed from the Barstow Street Bridge.

Five Point Gazebo

The gazebo used to be located at the center of the 5 points in Downtown Waukesha. It is now located along the river in Downtown.

Carroll Archway

Carroll University was the first four year higher education institution in Wisconsin. Founded in 1846 it has played a significant role in Waukesha. Carroll is celebrating it's 175th anniversary in 2021.


This is a homage to the Waukesha springs era and the White Rock Company that bottled and sold Waukesha spring water.

New City Hall and Skywalk

This was included to represent a future Waukesha landmark