Barstow St.& Riverfront St. Improvements

Project Update:June 26, 2020

With the traffic signals being activated today at Main St. and Bank St., Barstow St. from Main St. to St. Paul Ave. and Riverfront S. from Madison St. to Barstow St. has been re-opened to traffic. The corresponds to all of the Phase 1 limits of the project.

The traffic control subcontractor will remove all of the traffic control devices that have been moved to the side to re-open the roadway late tonight and tomorrow morning, and at the same time will be setting up the traffic control/full closure of the Phase 2 section of the project. (See below for closure details)

This week the contractor continued the electrical work for street lighting and traffic signals, completed remaining permanent signing and landscaping, and cleaned the entire Phase 1 limits. We Energies was able to complete the electrical service to the new traffic signals at Bank St. and Main St., and the signals were activated today.

Next week the contractor will be wrapping up the small areas that remain for pavement removal and grading/base course placement along Barstow St. from South St. to Main St., installing electrical conduit for street lighting and communications within this segment, and then mid-week will be pouring the new concrete curb and gutter along Barstow St. from South St. to Main St., and if weather permits will pour half of the roadway pavement in the same section by the end of the week.


Traffic Control/Access

Barstow St. has been re-opened from W. Main St. to St. Paul Avenue, and Riverfront St. has also been re-opened to traffic and parking. Starting late tonight/early Saturday morning Barstow St. will be closed to through traffic from Wisconsin Avenue to W. Main Street. The Barstow St. and Wisconsin Avenue intersection, and the Barstow St. and W. Main St. intersections will remain open to traffic operations. This closure will remain in place throughout the duration of the 2nd Phase of the project.

Please follow the traffic control devices and signs. Through traffic should not enter the work zone and shall utilize an alternate route.

This will be the main project update for the week. All the dates and times above are subject to change and are weather dependent. I will update the group if anything changes from the above information. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the project, please feel free to contact me.

Project Scope: As funded in the 2020 budget, it is planned to reconstruct N/NW Barstow Street from Wisconsin Ave. to E. North Street, and Riverfront Street from Madison St. to N. Barstow St. in 2020. The project will include the installation of new water main, lining of the sanitary sewer main and laterals, storm sewer rehabilitation and adjustments, roadway reconstruction, traffic signal replacement and rehabilitation, bridge rehabilitation, pedestrian ramp reconstruction, sidewalk replacement and installation of a wider streetscaped terrace. Some existing trees within the terrace will be removed as a part of the project and new street trees will be planted. The project is a continuation of the Downtown Waukesha reconstruction program that began in 2014.

Public Information Meeting Documents:

Rendering 1, Rendering 2, Rendering 3, Informational Handout, Staging Overview, Detour Overview

Project Contact Information:

Brandon Schwenn
Project Engineer
City of Waukesha
130 Delafield Street
Waukesha, WI 53188-3646