Running for Office

Dear Candidate,

The process of running for office in the City of Waukesha is guided by Wisconsin Election and Campaign Laws, Chapters 5-12 and the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC). An important role of the City of Waukesha Clerk’s Office is to provide information and assistance to any person interested in running for public office in the City. However, as per Wisconsin state law: Any person interested in running for office has the burden and responsibility of understanding and complying with candidate filing and campaign finance reporting requirements in Chapter 8 of Wisconsin Statutes. Please call (262) 524-3550 to schedule a time to meet with the Clerk's Office to go over filing information. 

Per Wisconsin Statute 62.09(2), no person shall be elected to a city office who is not, at the time of election, a citizen of the United States and the State of Wisconsin, and an elector of the City of Waukesha, and in the case of an aldermanic district office, of the aldermanic district, and actually residing therein.

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Forms to Officially File as a Candidate for the Position of Alderperson or Mayor.
CF-1 Campaign Registration Statement*
EL-162 Declaration of Candidacy (This form must be notarized. Notaries are available in the Clerk’s Office)
EL-169 Nomination Paper for Nonpartisan Office (may be copied as needed)
CF-2L Campaign Finance Report (Periodic reporting required not with initial filing)
Campaign Finance Overview Manual (local candidates)

All forms can be found on the Wisconsin Elections Commission website at:

*Please be aware that Campaign Registration Statement should be filed with the Clerk’s office before any campaign activities begin.

The Common Council of the City of Waukesha is comprised of the Mayor and 15 alderpersons. The alderpersons work together to determine city policies and ordinances. One alderperson is elected from each of the 15 districts in the city for a three-year term. Alderpersons are compensated at an annual salary determined by City ordinance.

The Common Council meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 201 Delafield St. Several committee and board meetings also are scheduled each month. A schedule of meetings and the agendas are posted on the City website and at City hall. Several alderpersons serve on each committee of the Common Council including: Finance, Public Works, Ordinance & License and Transit to name a few. A complete listing of Boards and Committees can be found on the City website. Members of the committees are appointed by the Mayor – and confirmed by a majority vote of the council. Regular attendance at these meetings is expected to properly represent constituents. Common Council and committee meetings are open to the public and candidates are encouraged to attend to learn more about current issues facing the City. Interested persons can view agendas and also view past recordings of meetings on the City’s website.

The Mayor is elected to a four-year term during the spring election every four years. The position of Mayor is a full-time position. The Mayor has powers and duties imposed on the office by the State of Wisconsin; and has the general supervision of all city officers and department directors. The City Administrator is appointed by the Mayor, subject to approval by the majority of the Common Council. The City Administrator handles the administration and control of the city’s operations. The City Administrator oversees all city departments in accordance with applicable laws, rules and regulations.

Campaign Finance Registration Statement

New candidates are encouraged to file a Campaign Registration Statement (CF-1) as soon as intent to seek elective office is known, and before funds are collected or spent. This form must be notarized. Notaries are available in the City Clerk’s Office. It is advisable to meet with the Clerk's Office to go over the Ballot Access Checklist. The Campaign Registration Statement should be filed before circulating Nomination papers. A Treasurer must be named and is required to sign the Campaign Finance Registration Statement. Candidates should establish a campaign depository account before any contribution is received, and before any disbursement is made. The only exception for finance activity prior to registration are accepting a contribution or making a disbursement for the amount required to rent a post office box, the minimum deposit amount required for opening a checking account, or incurring expenses required for producing nomination papers. Such receipts/disbursements should be properly reported on the first campaign finance report submitted. Goods or services received in trade must also be reported as in-kind donations.


A minimum of 20 and a maximum of 40 signatures from persons residing within the aldermanic district are required on Nomination Papers for the position of alderperson. A minimum of 200 and a maximum of 400 signatures from persons residing within the city are required on Nomination Papers for the position of Mayor and City Attorney.

I would be more than happy to meet with you in person to explain the forms in more detail. Please call the City Clerk Treasurer’s Office at (262) 524-3550.


Gina Kozlik, City Clerk Treasurer

Important Dates - Mark Your Calendar!

*File Campaign Registration Statement immediately before starting any campaign activities!
Date Item Due
December 1st, 2021
First day on which to circulate Nomination Papers
December 27th, 2021 (5pm)
Deadline by which incumbent not seeking reelection
shall file a Notification of Non-Candidacy (EL-163)
January 4th, 2022 (5pm)
Final date and time by which Nomination Papers,
Declaration of Candidacy and Campaign Registration
Statement must be filed in the City Clerk's Office
January 10th, 2022 (4pm)
Draw for ballot placement in the City Clerk's Office
January 18th, 2022
Deadline to file Campaign Finance Report for the
period of 7/1/21 - 12/31/21