City Hall Construction

Project Update Sept 18, 2020

This week the retaining wall on the North St side of the building was complete, and plantings have started to go in.

The masons have moved to the front of the building and are beginning to work on the front entrance.  The contractor has made great progress with the drywall on the first floor.  

Next week the contractor will continue working on the masonry and they plan on having the exterior masonry finished by end of September.  

Owners Weekly Update

Site Logistics for Visitors

During construction all City Employees will be parking across Delafield St. in the vacant lot. The crosswalk has been enhanced and a light tower has been moved onto the site for safety.

More Information on the Design and Approval Process

Project Engineer
Katie Jelacic, P.E.

Web picture Sept 18
Front Entrance Area of the Building