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  1. Velvet Weier

    Engineering Technician
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2020 Newsletter Details (pdf) 

Program Highlights:

  • County of Waukesha has developed a program for volunteers to monitor storm water inlets throughout the City

  • Volunteers can "Adopt" a storm inlet and help keep it clear while reporting the volume and type of materials removed

  • For more information, visit the County's storm water page:

BMP Ponds Workshop

9/12/2019    Thursday    6:30pm
Waukesha City Hall
  • Learn how to optimize the performance of your storm water pond or other storm water facilities on your property
  • Enter to win a FREE RAIN BARREL with diverter kit! 
  • Enter to win a limited number of FREE POND INSPECTIONS performed by County Staff!



General BMP Inspection Report Form


Dumping any substance into an inlet is generally prohibited.  Water entering the storm sewer should be reasonably clear and free of odors, sediment, and pollutants.  Click the link below if you have any concerns.
Storm inlet with sediement on grate - evidence of illicit dumping                     

                                                                       1)   Select [Category] "Public Works"

                                                                  2)   Select [Issue] "Illicit Discharge\Spills"


Required to Report?

EMERGENCY SPILL - Call the 24-hour DNR spill hotline at 1-800-943-0003



Application for Development Review (formerly "Plan Commission Application") via Community Development 

Fees - Department of Community Development

MS4 - Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System

The City of Waukesha storm sewer system is completely separate from the sanitary sewer.  This allows surface runoff to enter the storm sewer and discharge directly into waters of the state.  The City maintains a Phase II MS4 permit to monitor our efforts in preventing pollutants from reaching receiving waters.
MS4 Permit Requirements 

City of Waukesha Storm Water Management Plan 


EPA Reference Material

EPA Wet Pond Management Guidebook

EPA Mosquito Management Guidelines

DNR Reference Material

DNR Technical Standards - Information on design, installation and maintenance of various BMPs

DNR Invasive Species Webpage

DNR Invasive Species- Quick Reference
DNR Guide to Managing Accumulated Sediment