Conservation Pillar

Some examples of WPRF initiatives:

Implemented conservation practices:

  • Computer controlled zoned HVAC systems
  • Switching from HID to LED in sport complexes, parks, and buildings
  • Expanded winterizing program of park shelters
  • Utilizing green waste for mulching

Steps being taken to conserve native species: 

  • Removing invasive Buckthorn & Garlic Mustard by using volunteers
  • Equipment rental and contracted services for large area brush removal
  • Partnering with the Waukesha School District Environmental Education curriculum for invasive species awareness and control
  • Mayor’s Monarch Pledge (NWF)
  • Best Maintenance Practices for field mowing

Addressing the importance of storm-water management (SWM): 

  • Constructed an educational rain garden at Schuetze Recreation Center
  • Partnered with our Engineering Department to utilize a segment of an undeveloped park to support a bio-filtration system educating/alleviating SWM needs
  • Helped to address flooding concerns with detention basin system in conjunction with extensive improvements at Grandview Park
  • Bio-swales utilized in select street medians (maintained by WPRF)