Water Utility's E. Main St. Utility and Street Reconstruction Project

Project Update: November 21, 2018

Main Street is now officially open to through traffic for the entire project limits from Barstow to Lombardi. The traffic signal at East/Buckley is still under construction, so access to Main from those cross streets will remain and temporary stop signs are in place. Access from Martin and Caroline will also remain temporarily closed at this time. Aside from the traffic signal, the remaining work includes street lighting, and finishing up concrete sidewalk and driveways in some areas. Final pavement markings and restoration in the terrace areas with sod will take place in spring. We anticipate the traffic signal to be installed and operational by sometime in mid-December.

Please obey all temporary signage including stop signs and no parking signs to allow for completion of the above work. Police enforcement of these restrictions will be in effect. Continue using caution around the active work zones and thank you all for your patience during the duration of this project.

Have a have a safe and happy Thanksgiving weekend,

Chris J. Walter, P.E.
Technical Services Manager
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