Rooming House


A Rooming House is any building, structure or part thereof in which rooming units are regularly furnished by prearrangement for compensation to persons. Nursing Homes, Housing for the Elderly, college dormitories designated as such by an accredited institution of higher learning, hospitals, and sanitariums, hotels and motels licensed by the State of Wisconsin and Families as defined in §22.04(29) of this Municipal Code are not included in this definition.

Application Process/Information

Any establishment operating as a rooming house must have a Rooming House License.

The license year for a rooming house is January through December, expiring December 31st of every year. Applications for a rooming house must be received by the City Clerk's Office no later than November 1st of the preceding year to allow enough time to process the application and continue operating for the following year.

The Common Council may grant the license upon determination that all requirements have been met.

The Rooming House License must be conspicuously posted in the office or public hallway of the rooming house.


Please review the Ordinance 17.10 Licensing of Rooming Houses for further information.

Rooming House Application (PDF)


The annual fee for a Rooming House is $50 + $15 for each room.

More Information

For additional information about licensing or to obtain applications, contact the Clerk/Treasurer's Office at 262-524-3550.