Sidewalk Snow and Ice Removal

Who keeps the sidewalk clear of snow and ice?

Per City Ordinance 6.12, it is the responsibility of property owners, occupants, or persons in charge of each dwelling or building to keep all sidewalks fronting or along side the property clear of snow and ice.

When does the sidewalk need to be cleared?

Within 12 hours after the snow has stopped, sidewalks should be cleared of snow or ice. After 12 hours, if the City receives a complaint of snow or ice-covered walk, the City will begin enforcement action.

What constitutes a violation?

The most commonly found problems are:

  • Sidewalk not shoveled.
  • Sidewalk not shoveled to its full width.
  • Sidewalk covered with ice.
  • Curb Ramp (handicap ramp) not cleared of snow or ice.
  • Snow placed in the street.

Cost Schedule

If the City proceeds to contract snow/ice removal from a property, the property will be sent a bill for the cost of removal per the schedule below:

$2.00 per lineal ft.

$25 per curb ramp

Additional administrative fees may apply: $25 administrative fee for a second violation (within the same winter season) and $50 administrative fee for a third or subsequent offense (within the same winter season).

Snow Covered Walk


Ice Covered Sidewalk


Violation Courtesy Tag


What is the process for enforcement?

If the City is notified of a violation (after the snow has stopped for 12 hours), the City will inspect the sidewalk and, should a violation be found, a courtesy tag will be left at the property notifying the property owner, occupant or person in charge of the violation and what needs to be corrected.

The City will revisit the property the following business day. If the sidewalk is found to be cleared, no further action is taken. If the violation remains, the City then sends its snow removal contractor to clear the sidewalk. The property owner is then billed for the removal at the current removal rates (based on the length of sidewalk, whether there are curb ramps that need clearing, if additional treatment such as salt or sand is necessary, etc.).

Should the City receive additional complaints for snow or ice violations at the same property during later snowfalls, an additional penalty for repeated violations will be added to the cost for clearing the walk.