Sidewalk Maintenance Program

Like all types of City infrastructure, sidewalks require maintenance to keep them safe and passable. While the City has an annual sidewalk program to identify and maintain unsafe sidewalks, it is the property owner who is ultimately responsible for the costs associated with sidewalk maintenance.

Annual Sidewalk Inspection & Repair Program

In the spring of the year, the City conducts an inspection of all public sidewalks in the City. Unsafe walks are identified, marked (with pink fluorescent arrows) and added to the repair list. In accordance with Section 66.0907 (3) Wisconsin Statutes, the property owner is required to repair the sidewalk within 20 days of notice. The property owner may choose to hire their own contractor (who must be licensed and bonded, and is required to take out the necessary permit), or utilize the City's contractor and be billed accordingly.

Should it be determined that the sidewalk damage has been caused by either a City-owned tree or utility construction, then the property owner is not financially responsible. In that case, the repair will be completed by the City's contractor when funds are available.

For any questions regarding the identification, maintenance or repair of sidewalks, please contact:

Craig Bayerl
Engineering Inspector