Hope Center

The Hope Center, formerly known as the Cooperating Congregations of Waukesha County (CCWC), started in 1987. The Hope Center is located at 502 N. East Avenue in Waukesha. The actual movement started over 40 years ago when Waukesha’s downtown churches were looking for funding to support the low-income and homeless population in Waukesha. The originating 6 churches realized the great need and hired a social minister. Today, the 6 churches still participate but are no longer involved in ts day to day operations.

In 2016, the Day Center which is primarily for the homeless, served 1123 unduplicated individuals and helped over 1,000 people in one form or another. “We served them and that gave them a base,” said  Ralph Zick, Executive Director of the Hope Center. “Our vision is to provide hope and resources to help people survive.” The Hope Center offers a variety of services to meet the ever-changing needs. Some of these include a clothing shop, minor medical services, a Day Center, a Meal Program, Project Move, and they have even performed mock interviews to help the unemployed. In 2016, there were 1351 volunteers which totaled to 33,000 hours of known volunteerism. Zick believes that the number is much higher as some volunteers bring their “work” home. “We’re people of strong faith,”, adds Zick explaining that in Matthew 25 it is clear that “we should serve, feed, clothe, visit them, and provide whatever they may need.”

Contributions and donations of gently used clothing and appliances are always welcomed at the Hope Center. For more information on the invaluable service being performed by this organization, please visit www.hopecenterwi.org.