Café de Arts Roastery

Owners:  Ayhan Munzur 
Established:  2010
Located at 
830 W St Paul Avenue

It does not seem like it has been only 7 years since Café de Arts Roastery opened for business. The delicious home-brewed coffee has become a staple in Waukesha.  Ayhan (pronounced I-hon) Munzur was originally from Turkey.  Upon arriving to the United States, he first settled in New Hampshire where he started his first coffee roasting business.  After extensive research, he sold his business and relocated to Wisconsin, noting that education and safety were highly rated in this area.

What’s unique about Café de Arts and what sets it apart from the other coffee shops in the area is that all of the coffee is roasted in-house so its fresh.  They have 14 different origins of coffee and organic filtrated coffee.  With their own special blend every roast uses a different skill and profile system.  They also sell wholesale for local vendors.  In addition to their coffee selection, they have a great tea collection featuring Milwaukee’s own Rishi Tea.  And if that isn’t enough to entice you, stop in for breakfast, lunch, or Turkish bakery for a delicious treat!

Munzur appreciates all who come to his business and wants to make them feel like family.  “It’s important to be warm and welcoming,” Which is not hard to do according to Munzur.  “This is a great community and there are really nice people around us.”  We are excited to profile this unique coffee shop and congratulate Café de Arts Roastery on their success.  To learn more about Café de Arts Roastery or to view their services and specials, visit their website at