Family Service of Waukesha

Family Service of Waukesha (FSW) has been rooted in Waukesha since 1964 and remains a constant source of support to the community. Located at 101 W. Broadway, in Waukesha, FSW is focused on building safe and healthy families and strong communities. To do this the agency provides state of the art psychotherapy and education for children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. Specialized counseling care is available for children who have suffered adverse experiences and their families. FSW provides classes to combat domestic violence, teach parents how to avert the potential negative effects of parental divorce on their children and help with the successful prosecution of child abuse crimes through their child advocacy center.

Fifty-two years ago a group of local citizens led by Judge Clair Voss founded Family Service of Waukesha. FSW has, at its core, a mission to help people find emotional well-being, achieve their personal goals and reach their fullest potential. “We know that mental and emotional health is the basis for confident individuals, good parents, happy children, strong families and productive communities,” said Teri Terrill, Executive Director for Family Service of Waukesha. She says that their vision is to “transform the quality of life and overall health of our community.” This vision is realized every day through community based programs and strong community partnerships. Family Service has established itself as a trusted and critical partner in the community”. Terrill believes that one of the main reasons they are successful is because of their dedicated staff. She adds that Family Service is also fortunate to have a strong and committed Board of Directors.

The City of Waukesha is privileged to have Family Service in our community and we are proud to highlight their extraordinary service to our residents. For more information about Family Service of Waukesha visit their website at