Downtown Holiday Decorations

The Waukesha Department of Community Development is raising money to help purchase new holiday lights for the Downtown area!  The new LED lights will use 1/10 of the electricity as a standard bulb and will offer a brighter and cleaner look.  The lights will attach to the existing streetlight poles.  These decoration will provide a warm, holiday environment for Downtown residents and visitors.

Thank you to all who have contributed to the "Light Up This City" fundraising campaign to help purchase holiday lights for the downtown. We would like to express a special word of thanks to
Couri Insurance who provided the seed money
that enabled us to begin this fundraising initiative.   
2014 Xmas lights_REVISED
To see a complete list of donors, click here.
Please consider joining in this effort.  Your donation can be sent to:
City of Waukesha
Attn:  Sally Kahlfeldt
201 Delafield St., Room 200
Waukesha, WI  53188

Please make checks payable to the City of Waukesha.
Thank you!