Roberts' Specialty Meats

Paul & Jennifer Roberts

Established:  2006
Located at 
135 E Sunset Drive

Roberts’ Specialty Meats is a dream come true for Paul Roberts.  Growing up on a dairy farm in southwest Wisconsin, his mother and father had their own business.  He knew at an early age that he wanted to have a family-owned business of his own.  After he graduated from high school he continued his education to learn about meat processing and merchandising.  His curriculum included everything from slaughter to retail to meat counter setups including full and self-serve.  He was thoroughly trained in sausage making and smoke house practices as well.  At the same time, he worked at the local Piggly Wiggly to gain real life experience.  His proficiency continued to grow as he worked in major grocery chains like Pick N’ Save and Sam’s.  On November 16, 2006 Paul, and his wife Jennifer, opened up Roberts’ Specialty Meats on Sunset Drive in Waukesha.

Roberts’ Specialty Meats offers basic components, fresh cut meats, chesses, and features the Al Capone roast which many butcher shops do not offer.  Services range from corporate catering to pick-up service.  Services extend to their website which offers great coupons for extra savings.  Another feature unique to Roberts’ Specialty Meats is the cut of meat.  In the meat industry, the meat cutting philosophy teaches to “maximize your yield”.  For example, if you had a portion of meat to cut, traditional practices teach that you should get the most out of the cut or roast.  Paul believes that a major contributor to his success is that he continually reevaluates the cut and then processes it.  Paul, comparing it to baseball, says, “As the pitcher you are taught to have the lowest ERA (maximize the yield) but I approach it from the batter’s prospective and I go for the homerun.  We look for the best way to process by analyzing each cut and then we try to improve it.  And at times we change the way things are done traditionally if it is truly the best way to give a choice offering to my customers.” 

Paul welcomes customer questions because it gives him the opportunity to educate consumers on meat and the meat industry. “Today’s consumers are many generations away from life on a farm.  Many people have gathered information about this industry through various means, some good, some not so good.”  Paul likes the relationships he has formed with his customers.  As he learns more about them and their choices, he is able to recommend different grades and customize their order, resulting in a final product that is more personalized to what the customer really wants.

When you first enter the store, you are greeted by the deep aroma of freshly smoked meats which are processed right at the store.  In today’s society everyone seems to be in a rush.  Roberts’ Specialty Meats makes it easy for people to make that extra stop and visit a store that truly caters to its customers.  The City of Waukesha is happy to acknowledge the success of Roberts’ Specialty Meats and the noteworthy contribution it has made to the city.  Congratulations Paul and Jennifer and we wish you many more years of success!